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    Patch File and Install Info to play on our shard


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    Patch File and Install Info to play on our shard

    Post  Simon on Sun Apr 15, 2012 10:44 pm

    To play on our shard, you will need to install Ultima Online and patch it up normally up to 6.0.8, not exceeding 6.0.9. You can download from FTP here:

    Then you will need to install Razor which is available for free online.

    After that you will need to install our custom patches....

    Our patch files can be downloaded from the following link

    Here is the link to a completely patched client folder, if you already have uo installed somewhere on your computer you can just point razor directly to this folder and play. This does not contain an exe file to install uo on your computer so an existing installation must previously exist

    Please do not redistribute or misuse these patches, a lot of hard work went into these and they are intended for use on our shard only. Thanks you.

    To install them, unzip them first, then open the folder and select all files then right click and choose copy. Open the folder you installed Ultima Online into, right click the UO client folder and select paste. If you have the right folder it will ask you to replace existing files or cancel, choose to replace all the listed files.

    Now open Razor and for the server address you will put in the following port 2593

    If you've installed patches correctly, you will see a custom login screen and you are ready to go.  Very Happy

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