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    Post  Simon on Thu May 17, 2012 10:26 pm

    Anyone interested in applying for staff will have to follow the format outlined here and submit the application via email to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Please state your real name, and ingame player name.

    Please list your age.

    Please submit any Instant Message system you might use and a screenname I can add you with.

    Please submit a listing of shards you have staffed on before and currently. Staffing experience is not mandatory, but it would help.

    Please list some shards you have enjoyed playing on, and/or currently play on.

    In a short paragraph please explain in detail why you being on our staff would help this shard, also list tools you are familiar with using(ie. pandoras box). Other things to include would be what are your favorite parts of staffing, like holding events, or building etc etc.

    Before sending this info to me, please understand that this shard has an intended direction and we are NOT looking for people who intend to change that direction due to their vast wisdom, or tell the ownership what this shard should have on it because it is somewhere else. What we are looking for, is people who WILL follow all rules, and who desire to help make this a better shard by handling the mishaps that always occur ingame, hold events for players and will just generally make the shard an enjoyable place to be for everyone. You will not be hired on as staff if you don't play the shard and learn it's systems well. These requests are as basic as it gets, forgive me if it sounds rough in any way, I just desire that the expectations be known before you apply.

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