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    Christmas in full swing


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    Christmas in full swing Empty Christmas in full swing

    Post  Simon on Sun Dec 08, 2013 1:11 pm

    Christmas is a big deal on our shard, come check out our vast assortment of custom quests and custom home deco. Visit Ice island and find santa in 2 locations with 2 seperate reindeer quests. Around Acheron's Cove bank you'll find Saint Nick and the Grinch, collect all 8 of santa's elves and drop them off at either quest giver and get unique reward items. Lord Santa near the bank also sends you on a custom quest to retrieve yellow snow from the bad little elf kids outside Luna.

    Visit our interactive nativity in Acheron's Cove and do the quests to receive items to create your own nativity in your home.

    Lastly, the Christmas town invasion is under way in Moonglow. 2 seperate goals can be achieved in this quest, visit Michael the Arc Angel at Moonglow bank for details.

    Merry Christmas

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