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    Wiki_different t skills here Empty Wiki_different t skills here

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    This is the art of making potions, especially useful for those who grow plants and beekeepers. You'll need a Mortar and Pestle to make potions which can be either purchased from an NPC Alchemist or made using the Tinkering skill. You'll also need empty bottles, potion kegs and reagents. To make a potion double click on the mortar and pestle and simply select which one to make. Be sure you have the bottles and reagents in your pack. High levels of Alchemy will increase the effectiveness of potions you use.

    This is automatically used in combat to increase your damage (up to 65% at 120). When using your healing skill having high anatomy this will allow you to heal more damage including poison (60+) and resurrecting dead players (80+).

    Animal Lore
    This skill goes hand in hand with Taming and is also needed to effectively cast Druid spells. It's best to have your Taming and Lore skills at the same level ( 100 Taming + 100 Animal Lore) so the pets you use will listen to you.  

    Animal Taming
     Different levels of taming are required for different animals.

    You'll need a bow (purchase from NPC Bowyer or made using the Bow craft/Fletching skill) and arrows To use just equip the bow, enter War mode and double click the foe you wish to shoot at. Your skill is checked each time you use a bow, as it raises your chance of damaging a foe with a ranged attack increases.

    Arms Lore
    This is the study of weapons and armor. It's also used when crafting weapons and armor using Black smithy, Tailoring, Carpentry and Bow craft/Fletching. When your skill is high it grants you the ability to make more effective armor and weapons.

    This skill can be used on NPC's only (you must not be mounted) and if successful you'll be given some gold. You will lose some Karma when you beg.

    Black smithy
    Using this skill you can craft/repair armor, shields and weapons. You will need ingots (see Mining) and a smith's hammer or tongs (sold by NPC Tinkers and player's vendors, craft able using Tinkering) and you will need to be standing near a forge and anvil (both sold on player's vendors and craft able using Carpentry/Black smithy). Double click your hammer and then select from the list what you would like to craft. Be sure to have the ingots in your backpack.

    Bow craft/Fletching
    With this skill you are able to craft all sorts of bows as well as bolts and arrows. You'll need Fletcher's Tools (Sold by NPC Bowyers and craft able using Tinkering), feathers (if crafting bolts/arrows) and boards. Double click the Fletcher's Tool and select which item you wish to craft.

    With the Book of Bushido you can perform a variety of special abilities. Just double click one of the icons in the book (any ability/spell icon in any book can be pulled out and placed on your desktop) to use. Note that as your Bushido skill increases it will lessen your chance to parry with a shield, it makes you more adept at parrying with a weapon, especially two-handed weapons.

    This is used to safely log out without having to be in a house or an Inn. However it's already safe to log out anywhere on Excelsior so camping isn't too useful. In order to use the skill you will need a Bedroll (sold by NPC Provisioners) and Kindling. First drop some kindling on the ground and double click it to make a fire, once you've gotten the message that your campfire is secure you can place your bedroll on the ground, double click it and then you're given the option to log out. If you do log out your bedroll is returned to your backpack. To gain in the skill you only need to light the kindling, you do not have to pull the bedroll out.

    Carpenters can craft furniture, containers, instruments (45.0 required in Musicianship) and other goodies. You will need a Saw (Sold by NPC Tinkers and Carpenters, and craft able using Tinkering) and boards (See Lumberjacking). Just as with all the other crafting skills, double click your saw and select what you want to make. When you have 100+ Carpentry you can begin to craft stone items, provided you read the Making Valuables with Stone crafting book sold in West Gargoyle City (Mallet and Chisel also required).

    When you start getting treasure maps you'll want this skill so that you are able to decode the maps. You'll need a Mapmaker's Pen (sold by NPC Mapmakers and crafted using the Tinkering skill) and either Blank maps (sold by NPC Mapmakers) and/or Blank scrolls (sold by NPC Mapmakers and Mages). Double click your pen and select which type of map you want to create. Please note that you will no longer gain by making maps once you hit 99.5, you will have to decode level 4+ treasure maps in order to get any further.

    This is the main ability of the Paladin, you are able to use a number of abilities that will help you in combat. You'll need the Book of Chivalry (buy from a Keeper of Chivalry NPC in Luna) as well as tithe) or a full LRC suit. To use just double click one of the icons in the book (holding your mouse over the icon will tell you what it does). Karma can affect duration and power of spell, so the higher your Karma the better. If you have a full LRC suit, you will still need some tithe on the books.  Keep about 100 gold or better.

    You will need a skillet (sold by NPC Cooks or crafted using Tinkering), the food ingredients asked for in the recipe, and a heat source (oven, kindling or even a heating stand). While standing near your heat source double click the skillet and select which food item you'd like to make.

    Detecting Hidden
    This is used for revealing someone that is hidden, especially useful on the Shadow Knight in the Doom Gauntlet.

    For this all you will need is an instrument. Click Discordance then the creature you with to discord. If you succeed your target will lose a percentage of its skills and stats and it will remain discorded unless you are no longer visible to the target. This will also make it easier to Provoke the creature.

    Evaluating Intelligence
    If you click Evaluating Intelligence and target whoever you want to evaluate you will be given a description of the target's mental capacity. This also is involved in calculating damage done by spells mages cast, at Grandmaster you'll receive a 20% bonus, at Legendary a 38% bonus.

    For this you need to use a weapon that says Fencing is the required skill to use it. Just equip it (drag and drop onto your paper doll), To go into War mode (click once on Peace in your paper doll) and double click on the creature you want to attack.

    You will need a fishing pole and a ship if you want to go out into deep waters. Equip the fishing pole and while standing near a body of water double click the pole and target a location in the water where you want to fish. If successful you will catch a fish or other items. Eventually you will begin to fish up sea serpents and some interesting fish you can use to decorate your home.

    This is the warrior's meditation skill, it increases your mana and stamina regeneration. For every 10 points of focus you have, your 10 second stamina gain is increased by 1. For every 20 points of focus you have, your 10 second mana gain is increased by 1.

    Forensic Evaluation
    This is used to determine information about a corpse, such as who looted it. Double click Forensic Evaluation and target the corpse.

    You'll need some bandages (sold by NPC Healers, or obtained by cutting up cloth) in order to use this skill. Double click the bandage and target the person you want to heal (you must be near them). You'll need at least 60 skill in Healing and Anatomy to cure poison, and 80 in both to be able to resurrect.

    Grab a shepherd's crook, equip it, double click it and target the animal you wish to herd then target the spot you wish the animal to move to. The animal will walk to the spot as you directed if you are successful.

    Excellent skill to have if you, for example, need to go AFK and aren't in your home. All you need to do is click Hiding and if successful you are hidden. If you speak, move (if you don't have high enough stealth), cast a spell, etc you will become unhidden.

    With this skill you are able to create spells (to add to spellbooks), rune books, BOD books, etc. You'll need a scribe's pen (sold by NPC Scribes and crafted by Tinkers), reagents and blank scrolls (sold by NPC Scribes and Mages). In order to inscribe a spell you will need to have sufficient skill and have a spellbook that contains that spell. Double click the pen and select what you would like to inscribe. Inscription will give you a slight damage bonus for Magery spells.

    Item Identification
    Click Item Identification and target the item you'd like to identify, you will be told a little something about the item..

    Lock picking
    This isu sed to pick the locks of chests. You'll need lock picks (sold by NPC Provisioners, ), double click them and target the chest you want to unlock. Once you hit 95 you will only be able to gain off of chests found from high-end treasure maps and guarded at Prisoner Camps.

    This is how you can freely obtain logs, as well as getting a damage bonus with axe-type weapons. Equip an axe (sold by NPC Weapon smiths or crafted by Blacksmiths/Tinkering), stand close to a tree, double click the axe and target the tree. Logs will be placed into your backpack if you are successful. The type of wood harvested is dependent upon your skill as well as the tree itself. When your skill gets higher you will also get Parasitic Plants, Bark Fragments, Switches and Luminescent Fungi which are used in special crafting recipes. To turn the logs into boards click your axe then click the logs.

    Mace Fighting
    You'll need to equip a weapon that, when moused over, will say it requires Mace Fighting to use it. Go into War mode and double click your opponent. The higher your skill the higher the chance that your attack will connect with your target.

    In order to be a Magician and cast spells you will need a full spellbook on you from several and have the reagents needed) or a full LRC suit. Double-click your spellbook to open it and double-click a spell name listed to cast. You can also single-click the spell to see what reagents are required. This page also has a small icon of the spell (you can hover the cursor over this to see some info about the spell) which you can drag right out of the book, allowing you to cast on-the-fly. Some spells will give you a target cursor, in which case you will target where or who you want the spell to affect.

    This will help increase the rate at which you regenerate your Mana. It works both ways, it will automatically gain when your mana is lowered. Be sure you are wearing cloth or non-studded leather. Metal and studded armor (unless it is Mage Armor) will interfere with your mana regeneration.

    This is how you freely obtain ore, stone and sand. You will need a shovel or a pickaxe (both sold by NPC Tinkers and Miners and crafted using Tinkering) in your backpack. You can either go to a mountainside or inside a cave to mine. Double click your shovel and target the area you want to mine (the side of the mountain or the floor of the cave). If successful the ore you mined will be placed into your backpack. Ore is very heavy, so you will want to smelt it before you get overweight. To do this simply go stand by a forge, double click the ore in your bag and target the forge. This smelts the ore into ingots and places them into your bag. The type of ore you mine is dependent on your skill and the spot in which you are mining. At 100+ mining you can begin digging for stone, as long as you have read the Mining For Quality Stone book, sold in West Gargoyle City (you must single-click your shovel/pickaxe and select 'Set to Ore and Stone'). Sand is also diggable at this level and requires you to have read the Find Glass-Quality Sand book, sold in North Gargoyle City (the Alchemist).

    In order to use Peacemaking, Discordance and Provocation you need to learn how to actually play an instrument. So for this skill obviously what you'll need is an instrument (sold by NPC Tinker, Carpenter, and Bard, crafted using Carpentry/Musicianship). With the instrument in your backpack just double click it. If successful a nice tune plays, if you fail the tune won't sound so nice. For every point above 100 you will be granted a success bonus of 1% to Discordance, Peacemaking (targeted) and Provocation attempts.

    This is dark magic and you will need a Necromancy book in order to use it. Spirit Speak is the support skill for Necromancy, so the higher it is (and the lower you’re Karma) the more effective your spells will be. Just like Magery, reagents are needed to cast (LRC suit works here too). Double click the spell (in your Necro book) that you want to cast. You will lose Karma every time you cast a Necro spell.

    Using the Book of Ninjitsu you can evoke a number of special abilities while in combat. Just double click the ability in the book that you want to use. Hovering your mouse over each icon will tell you what it does. Hiding and stealth is required for a few of the abilities.

    When you are engaged in combat and have a shield equipped your Parrying skill is automatically checked. If you parry successfully it will cause your attacker to miss you or do less damage than normal.

    You will need Musicianship, and an instrument (sold by NPC Tinkers, Carpenters and Bards, crafted using Carpentry/Musicianship) in your backpack, in order to use this skill. This allows you to calm down a creature in the middle of a fight. just for a short while or until you are out of its line of sight. Some monsters are unable to be peaced.

    With this skill you can poison food or more importantly a weapon for use in combat. High levels of poisoning will also affect what level of poison is inflicted when casting the Magery spells Poison and Poison Field. Poison potions, crafted using Alchemy are needed in your backpack to poison anything.  

    This skill is used to get monsters to attack other monsters in their area. To use you need the Musicianship skill and an instrument (sold by NPC Tinkers, Carpenters and Bards, crafted using Carpentry/Musicianship) in your backpack.  Not all creatures can be provoked.

    Remove Trap
    Before you can train this skill you will need to have at least 50 in both Detecting Hidden and Lock picking. This skill allows you to remove traps from chests.  

    Resisting Spells
    This helps lessen the severity of spells that last for a specific duration or that lower your stats, it doesn't prevent direct damage spells from hurting you. In order to gain you can continuously cast the spell Clumsy on yourself over and over. This will also add a bonus to your minimum elemental resists, dependent upon your skill. For example, if you are Grandmaster then your resists will never go below 40. It's only applied after all other resist modifications that you're wearing have been calculated and it's not cumulative, it compares the number of your minimum resists to the value of what you're wearing and uses the higher of the two values.

    Using this skill you are able to peak into the backpack of another person.  To use, double click an NPC to view her paperdoll, stand close to her and double click on her backpack. If you succeed the backpack opens for you and you will lose some Karma.

    Spellweaving is a new skill of magic that allows an arcanist (the official title of a spellweaver) to summon powerful forces of nature and manifest them into various spell effects. Channeling such power is often done in concert with other arcanists. Such cooperative casting allows for arcanists to weave titanic magic that would otherwise be impossible for a mortal to command. (From UO Stratics)
    To learn the art of spellweaving, one must find an experienced arcanist willing to accept you into the community.  You can find one in Heartwood.  

    Spirit Speak
    This is used to heal you by channeling spiritual energy and it's also the skill that the Necromancer and Cleric spells work off of. Spiritual energy can by channeled by a corpse or by you when this skill is actively used. If a corpse is not around you'll channel your own energy but will get a lesser amount of healing. Once you are a Grandmaster you will be able to see ghosts and what they say and if you're dead others will be able to see what you say.  

    You can do this randomly or directly. For a random item, click the blue gem and target a container or NPC, a random item will appear in your backpack if successful. For a direct item, use the Snooping skill to peek inside a container or backpack, click stealing and select what item you want to steal. This is how you obtain the various stealables scattered in Doom and around Tokuno (which you would just target directly).

    This is the skill that allows you to walk around while you are hidden, it does not work if you are on a mount or immediately run. You will need to have at least 80 in Hiding before you can even learn this skill.  The higher your skill the more armor you will need to wear in order to gain.

    You will need to have a weapon equipped that, when moused over, says the required skill is Swordsmanship. Go into War mode and double click your opponent to begin using your sword.

    This skill increases your proficiency in combat, allowing you to deal more damage. It increases while you are in battle.

    This is the skill used to make various clothes and some leather armor. You will need a Sewing Kit (sold by NPC Tailors, crafted using Tinkering) and some cloth and/or leather. Scissors (sold by NPC Tinker, crafted by Tinkers) are also good to have if you want to cut up the clothes you made (double click the scissors and target the item to cut up). To create clothes just double click your Sewing Kit and select which item you want to make.

    Taste Identification
    This skill is helpful if you ever find some food lying around in towns and want to eat it but are worried it's poisoned. .

    This is used to make all of the various tools need for other crafting skills, jewelry, all of the shard's special keys and miscellaneous other items. You will need Tinker's Tools (sold by NPC Tinkers and crafted using this skill), ingots and/or boards (whatever the recipe calls for). Each item must be in your backpack, not on the iron or wood keys. Double click the Tinker's Tool and select from the large list what you would like to create.

    With this skill you are able to track the movement/location of various animals, monsters and other players

    If your pet is hurt or poisoned, this will heal them. You can also resurrect dead bonded pets using this skill. You will need Bandages (sold by NPC Healers or obtained by cutting cloth). Double click the bandages and target your wounded pet and if successful it will begin to heal a little damage. To cure a poisoned pet you will need to have at least 60 in this skill and in Animal Lore; before it heals the pet's damage it will first cure the poison, then you will need to apply another bandage to heal the damage. To resurrect a dead bonded pet you need at least 80 in this skill and in Animal Lore. If a pet is not bonded to you and it dies, it is gone forever and therefor unable to be resurrected.

    In order to wrestle an opponent both of your hands need to be free. Go into War mode and then double click on your target to begin wrestling. You will deal more damage and attack more often the higher your skill gets.

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    Wiki_different t skills here Empty Training skills

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    Skill Range What To Make Reagents Used
    0.0 - 30 Buy from NPC Up to 300 gold
    30 - 35 Agility Blood Moss
    35 - 55 Total Refresh Black Pearl
    55 - 65 Greater Agility Blood Moss
    65 - 75 Greater Strength Mandrake Root
    75 - 85 Greater Heal/Greater Poison Ginseng/Nightshade
    85 - 98.1 Greater Cure/Greater Explosion Garlic
    98.1 - 120 Deadly Poison Nightshade

    Animal Taming

    Skill Range What To Tame/Make Materials Needed
    0.0 - 30 Buy from NPC Up to 300 gold
    30 - 35.1 Boar, Horse, Pack Llama, Pack Horse, Desert Ostard, Forest Ostard, Giant Rat -
    35.1 - 41.1 Black Bear, Llama, Walrus, Polar Bear -
    41.1 - 47.1 Brown Bear, Cougar -
    47.1 - 53.1 Alligator -
    53.1 - 59.1 Panther, Grey Wolf, Snow Leopard -
    59.1 - 60 Taming Trainer Buy from stone
    60 - 80 Taming Trainer
    80 - 120 Taming Trainer
    120 - 140 Casting Duid spells


    Skill Range What To Make
    0.0 - 30 Buy from NPC
    30 - 40 Mace, Chain Coif, Ringmail Sleeves
    40 - 45 Maul, Ringmail Leggings, Ringmail Tunic
    45 - 50 Cutlass, Viking Sword, Hammer Pick, Heater Shield
    50 - 55 Scimitar, Double Axe, Long Sword, Large Battle Axe, War Mace, Bardiche
    55 - 60 Kryss, Broad Sword, Axe, Executioner's Axe, War Hammer, Two-Handed Axe, Chainmail Leggings
    60 - 65 War Fork, Close Helm, Helmet, Nose Helm, War Axe, Chainmail Tunic, Halberd
    65 - 70 Short Spear, Katana, Female Plate Armor
    70 - 75 Spear
    75 - 80 Plate Gorget
    80 - 85 Plate Gloves
    85 - 90 Plate Helm, Plate Sleeves
    90 - 97 Plate Legs
    97 - 120 Plate Hiro Sode
    Note: As an alternative to the Plate Hiro Sode, you can make royal circlets all the way to 120 as well. The gains will be slightly slower but they are easier to make and require far less ingots so you can craft longer on the same amount of materials.


    Skill Range What To Make Boards Needed
    0.0 - 30 Buy from NPC Up to 300 gold
    30 - 60 Bow 7 per
    60 - 70 Crossbow 7 per
    70 - 80 Composite Bow 7 per
    80 - 90 Heavy Crossbow 10 per
    90 - 100 Repeating Crossbow 10 per
    100 - 120 Yumi 10 per
    Skill Range What To Make Boards Needed
    0.0 - 30 Buy from NPC Up to 300 gold
    30 - 50 Bow 7 per
    50 - 90 Fukiya Dart 1 per
    90 - 100 Repeating Crossbow 10 per
    100 - 120 Yumi 10 per
    It'll take longer the second way but less boards and darts will take you to 90.

    Skill Range What To Do
    0.0 - 30 Buy from NPC in Tokona
    30 - 60 Cast Confidence
    60 - 75 Cast Counter Attack
    75 - 97.5 Cast Evasion
    97.5 - 120 Cast Momentum Strike


    Skill Range What To Make Boards Needed
    0.0 - 30 Buy from NPC Up to 300 gold
    30 - 47.3 Medium Crate 15 Boards
    47.3 - 52.6 Ballot Box 5 Boards
    52.6 - 60.0 Wooden Shield 9 Boards
    60.0 - 70.0 Fukiya 6 Boards
    70.0 - 73.6 Bokuto 6 Boards
    73.6 - 78.9 Quarter Staff 6 Boards
    78.9 - 103.9 Gnarled Staff 7 Boards
    103.9 - 110 Tetsubo 8 Boards and 5 ingots
    110 - 111.8 Easel 20 Boards
    111.8 - 115 Ornate Wooden Chest 30 Boards
    115 - 120 Woodland Arms/Gauntlet/Legging/Gorget 15 boards & 4 Bark Fragments
    115 - 120 Giant Replica Acorn 35 Boards

    Skill Range What To Do
    0.0 - 30 Buy from NPC Mapmaker
    30 - 50 Make Local Maps
    50 - 65 Make City Maps
    65 - 99.5 Make World Maps
    99.5 - 120 Decode Level 4+ Treasure Maps


    Skill Range What To Cast
    0.0 - 30 Buy from NPC (The Keeper of Chivalry) at Luna,
    West of the bank
    30 - 40 Consecrate Weapon
    40 - 55 Divine Fury
    55 - 69 Enemy of One
    69 - 88 Holy Light
    88 - 115 Noble Sacrifice
    115 - 120 ??
    If anyone has went higher than 115  let me know so I can change this  Thank you


    Skill Range What To Discord
    0.0 - 30 Buy from NPC
    30 - 40 Farm Animals
    40 - 65 Scorpions
    65 - 90 Giant Beetle
    90 - 106 Hiryu
    106 - 120 Serpentine Dragon
    Skill Range What To Discord
    0 - 30 Buy from NPC
    30 - 50 Grizzly Bear
    50 - 70 Frenzied Ostard
    70 - 90 Giant Beetle
    90 - 106 Hiryu
    106 - 120 Rotting Corpse

    Healing can be raised simply by using bandages on yourself and other people. At 60.0 Healing you stand a chance of curing poisons, and at 80.0 you can attempt to resurrect player ghosts. The amount healed is modified by your anatomy skill.
    Some of the best ways of macroing healing gains are to stock up on bandages and cast the necromancy spell 'lich form', this will cause you to constantly lose a small amount of HP. Also you can cast the Chivalry spell 'Devine Sacrifice' around people with less than 100% HP - if has been found that people training Necromancy by casting Lich form is good for this - and healing yourself back to full.
    At 80.0 healing, simply heal a ghost without the ghost accepting the res.


    Skill Range What To Make
    0.0 - 30 Buy from NPC
    30 - 42.8 Poison scrolls
    42.8 - 57.1 Lightning scrolls
    57.1 - 71.4 Paralyze scrolls
    71.4 - 85.7 Reveal scrolls
    85.7 - 90 Flamestrike scrolls
    90 - 104 BOD Books
    104 - 120 Vampiric Embrace scrolls
    • .

    This will train you up to the skill to be able to use the chests in AC.
    They go from level 30  to level 120.


    Arm axe... fight. This is the quickest way to build lumberjacking and will work all the way to 120.


    Skill Range What To Cast
    0.0 - 30 Buy from NPC
    30 - 45 Bless
    45 - 60 Arch Cure
    60 - 90 Reveal
    90 - 100 Mana Vampire
    100 - 120 Earthquake


    Skill Range What To Cast
    0.0 - 30 Buy from NPC
    30 - 60 Pain Spike/Wraith Form
    60 - 80 Horrific Beast
    81 - 110 Lich Form
    110-120 Vampiric Embrace


    A good method of gaining extra temporary points in Ninjitsu in order to make the gaps easier to handle is to use a Hanzo's Bow (a fairly common Tokuno artifact) to raise your skill by 10 points.
    Without Hanzo's Bow
    Skill Range What To Do
    0.0 - 23* Buy from NPC
    23 - 30 Cast Animal Form (Rat/Rabbit)
    30 - 45 Cast Backstab
    45 - 65 Cast Mirror Image
    65 - 85 Cast Focus Attack
    85 - 120 Cast Death Strike
    With Hanzo's Bow
    Skill Range What To Do
    0.0 - 23* Buy from NPC  
    25 - 30 Cast Animal Form (Rat/Rabbit)
    (40) - 65 Equip Hanzo's, Cast Mirror Image
    65 - 85 Cast Focus Attack
    85 - 120 Cast Death Strike


    Skill Range What To Make
    0.0 - 30 Buy from NPC
    30 - 45 Lesser poison
    45 - 65 Poison
    65 - 95 Greater poison
    95 - 100* Deadly poison


    Skill Range What To Provoke
    0.0 - 30 Buy from NPC
    30 - 40 Cows
    40 - 65 Scorpions & Bulls
    65 - 90 Giant Beetles
    90 - 120 Plague Beasts

    Resisting Spells

    Cast Clumsy spell on self all the way to 120. For faster gains get guild members to cast on you as well.


    Accept an escort assignment, take your NPC to a quiet location (so other's aren't bothered by "snooping" messages,) open their paperdoll, double click their backpack. Repeat attempting to open their backpack until you reach 100 (is a lot easier if you use razor just set a macro of d clicking, loop it and then hit play). Zero to 100 takes less than 2 hours with a 1 second pause between attempts. Doing this will lower your karma to -400.
    Spirit Speak
    Use skill directly.


    Skill Range What To Do Materials
    0.0 - 30.0 Buy from NPC Up to 300 gold
    30.0 - 41.4 Long Pants 8 Cloth
    41.4 - 53.9 Cloak 14 Cloth
    53.9 - 74.6 Robe 16 Cloth
    74.6 - 99.6 Oil Cloth 1 Cloth
    99.6 - 100 Cloth Ninja Jacket 12 Cloth
    100.0 - 105.0 Cloth Ninja Hood 12 Cloth
    105.0 - 112.1 Studded Sleeves 10 Leather
    112.1 - 119.0 Studded Tunic 14 Leather
    119.0 - 120.0 Studded Do 14 Leather

    • Approx. 10k Cloth and 6k Leather used from 0 to 120.


    Skill Range What To Make
    0.0 - 30 Buy from NPC
    30 - 40 Hammer
    40 - 45 Shovels
    45 - 92 Lockpicks
    92 - 108 Spyglass & Heating Stands
    108 - 120 Fancy wind chimes

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