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    Post  Simon on Tue Apr 10, 2012 10:09 pm

    In the not so distant past, the shard was introduced to levelable items. These items include, crafted weapons, crafted armors, crafted shields and crafted clothing. These items gain experience as you kill creatures, the experience will equal level gains and spending points, which in return will allow you to raise attributes on that item. Attributes all have specific point values and items have a maximum attainable level which at this time is level 45. After that, you will have to attain levelable item powerscrolls which can raise the maximum level to 100. At each level you will gain 3 spending points and you can apply those points at any given time by right clicking a levelable item and selecting "information" in the context menu. See the following screenshots for more info.

    Levelable Items Levelable%20Info

    Levelable Items Leveable%20Menu

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